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Residentia Wilgerus

Wilgerus was the brainchild of the community in the early 80’s when the need to create a safe environment for the elderly became apparent.  With the help of the local community Wilgerus opened its door to the public 1 May 1987 on the banks of the Wilger River.

During this time the operations and functionality of Wilgerus was driven and managed by the community and congregations in 2007 it was decided to seek professional assistance regarding structure, strategies and managerial and business skills and that is when Wilgerus Care Services became part of the Residentia stable.

Wilgerus is still very part of the local community and most of the individuals involved at Wilgerus are still part of the team and some are even Residents.

Our Address:

GPS CO-ORDINATES : 27°16’18.82” / 28°29’37.21” E

Our Contact Details:

Manager:Me EM (Lize) Odendaal

Postal address:

The Manager
Residentia Wilgerus
P O Box 80
South Africa

Telephone number: +27 (0) 58 813 3567

Cell phone number: +27 (0) 82 679 1315

Fax number: +27 (0) 58 813 2869

E-mail Address: wilgerusbestuurder@residentia.co.za / wilgerus@residentia.co.za


The following facilities are available:

Residentia owns 36 Units (sold on life right basis) and the units consist of:

Independent resident:

13 X BACHELOR UNITS – excluding lights/household/food service

4 X ONE BEDROOM UNIT – excluding lights/household/food service

1 X TWO BEDROOM UNIT – excluding lights/household/food service

Semi dependent resident:

3 X ONE BEDROOM/BATHROOM – lights/household/food service/activities included

2 X ROOM/BATHROOM – lights/household/food service/activities included

24 X ROOMS – lights/household/food service/activities included

Dependent / Frail:

34 X BEDS – lights/household/food service/activities included

We strive to create a “home” environment and have plenty of general areas like:

  • Living rooms
  • Hair salon
  • Kiosk
  • Dining areas
  • Gardens
  • Garages/ shaded parking / parking
  • Library service

We are also very fortunate to have access to all Dr’s / pharmacies / social workers / grocery stores and all the different church denominations.

All of our residents have access to our activity programmes and social events and we encourage a “Total Wellness” approach..

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